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Go to Facebook and search for the following great sites to join for loads of photos of Goodfellow Air Force Base and San Angelo; plus great memories shared by people that found their way to West Texas.

Old Goodfellow AFB Tech School 1950s – 1979

San Angelo Memories

San Angelo — 50s and 60s Style

San Angelo, TX: History and Memories


Unless noted, all photographs are provided by Terry Casey.


I hope you are able to access the following links to see an aerial presentation of our great city of San Angelo, Texas, provided by:  The City of San Angelo Public Information Office–b7Sf7k&feature=related
Please check out:
Again, permission has been granted to see postcards of San Angelo.  Please go to:


Top Photograph is Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson)Date Unknown – Looking SSW on Bell Street When heavy rains fell, this road was under water. In 1973, while at tech school I had a 3-speed bike and I remember being afraid traveling back to base (which was up that hill heading south on Bell Street) because the road was busy and only two lanes.  Bridge was completed in 1979.   Bottom photograph – 2010 – Looking south, you can see the old street at water level.  There is still a slight hill to climb but now a four lane street.  In both photographs, the base is (off camera) up the street on the left at the intersection of Bell St and Paint Rock Road.


2011 – Looking NNE up Bell Street; the base is off camera on the right about a mile or so.
2010 – Looking east at the Bell Street bridge; the base is up the hill (off camera) on the right.


Photograph provided by Lew Casey1962 – Church was located at corner of Paint Rock Road and Bell Street (looking NW).  Now, take a look at the next photograph.
2009 – Church was destroyed many years ago (still looking NW).
April 2012 St Margaret Catholic Church located  off of Bell Street, turn right onto Era Street (very close to the new north gate).


September 2013 – Korean Baptist Church is located also driving north on Bell Street.  You can see the steeple for Belmore Baptist (next photo).
September 2013 – Belmore Baptist Church is located driving north on Bell Street.


2013 – Huge Texas Bank Sports Complex and Rio Concho Community Park was completed in 2009.  It is located on the north side of the Concho River off of Bell Street.  There are 11 softball fields, 2 little league fields, 1 tee-ball field, and 1 large baseball field.  Some fields are multi-purpose so that other sports may use them. 11 softball fields – 2 little league fields, one tee-ball field, and one large baseball field. Some fields have been constructed as multi-purpose so that other sports may use the fields – See more at:
September 2013 – The Stripes convenience store (use to be T & C) is off camera behind you on the left.
This is not even half of this huge complex.
Looking SW towards Bell Street and the Stripes (old T&C).


September 2013 – The Education Service Center Region XV is still located on Rio Concho Drive.  The Rio Concho Drive and the Concho River is off camera to your right.


Courtesy San Angelo Standard Times I am guessing that this photograph was taken in 1965 or so.
Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson)I am guessing this photograph was taken in the late 1960’s.  Looks to me that the Holidome was completed.
Courtesy San Angelo Standard Times1965 – Notice that this was taken before the construction of the Holidome.
NOTE:  Mr. Johnson wrote:  “Interior of the Holiday Inn on Rio Concho Drive in San Angelo, Texas.  The hotel was the latest of its kind with a swimming pool, miniature golf course and shuffleboard.  Leon L. Carroll was the innkeeper.
Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson)I am guessing this photograph was taken in the late 1960’s.  Partial view of the Holiday Inn’s indoor recreation center.


9 October 2015 – I took a panoramic photograph standing on the inside hallway looking towards the same direction as the above photographs.
2010 – Looking southeast from top of the Hotel Cactus, in foreground is boarded up motel once was Holiday Inn, Clarion Inn & Suites, and Quality Inn & Suites??. Notice that Rio Concho Manor added another wing from a previous photograph taken in 1960’s.


Photograph provided by ??Date Unknown – Inside of dining area of Rio Concho Manor


Map was provided by Flash Earth (on 8 June 2015)2010 – Used to be an old fire station, located on the corner of N. Magdalen Street and E. Twohig Avenue.


8 January 2019 – Tongue in cheek look at the Downtown Stockyards on E Concho Ave.


Top Photograph – 29 June 2011 – Looking SW on Concho Avenue, Western Mattress and Furniture (WMF).  Bottom Photograph – Looking SE (still on Concho Avenue), WMF was turned into an eatery called Rowdy’s Rockin’ Bar and Grill.  But Rowdy’s closed in late 2012 and another place took over.  Will get name and photo soon of new place.  Eggermeyer’s General Store is off camera across the street on the right.


2012 – Next to Eggermeyer’s General Store use to be Jabberwocky’s.  It is now Bonjour Boutique.
2012 – Looking north, One More Donut is located on Bell Street.  Use to be Monterey (Cafe?).


2009 – Looking south, Paco’s Place is located at corner of Bell Street and Harris Avenue. April 2016 – Paco’s Place is now Che & Inka an Argentinian & Peruvian Restaurant.   UPDATE – I drove by in early August 2016 and there was a For Sale sign in front.
28 January 2019 – New place called A Little Bite of Texas


11 November 2019 – Now it is Chang Thai
2011 – Tabernacle – Looking NW on Bell Street towards Pulliam Street.
2011 – Looking SE on Bell Street towards Goodfellow, Pulliam Street is about two blocks behind you.
2012 – Julibee of Triumph now on Bell Street.  Pulliam Street is up the street about two blocks.
2012 – I have noticed that they have been doing some fixing up of this church on Bell Street.


2011 – The Gandys Inc. building is still located on Pulliam Street.  The Wok & Rice (use to be a Dairy Queen) in the next photograph is across the street nearby.


2012 – The Wok & Rice (use to be a Dairy Queen) is across the street near the Gandys Inc. building that is still located on Pulliam Street.


2010 – This is the underpass on Pulliam (looking east towards N Bell Street).  Heavy rains may find a stranded vehicle – in water up to the roof.  Roller Rink USA is located off camera to your right.
2010 – Roller Rink USA on N. Baze Street by the Pulliam Street underpass (shown in previous photograph).


2014 – The old City Pound was located next to White’s Mechanic Service on N. Baze.  I don’t recall when it was closed and new City Pound was built at 3142 US Highway 67 North.
31 August 2015 – When you are heading out of town on 67, you will pass the new location of the San Angelo Animal Shelter (now located at 3141 US Hwy 67 N).  It is next to the 4-H building (where I “found” another sheep).


2010 – Heading east on Pulliam Street is Dun-Bar East; good home cooking.


October 2012 – St John’s Hospital is now Shannon St. John’s Campus.
2010 – Still heading east on Pulliam, is Ethicon.
2011 – Stockman’s Restaurant is located up on north Bell Street.
April 2012 – PaulAnn Baptist Church is located off of north Bell on Smith Blvd.




Photograph provided by Cathye Moon 2012 – Econo Lodge on Beauregard. This location used to be a Howard Johnson too.  Any other named hotel chain?


Both photographs provided by Cathye Moon Jackson House Lodge and Knights Inn located at the corner of W Beauregard and S Abe.


2011 – Main Post Office located at Harris and (southbound  N. Abe Street) Bryant Blvd/Highway 87


Photograph provided by Cathye Moon Date unknown – Dixie Diner was located near (or a block away from) the main Post Office on N. Abe Street (Bryant Blvd).



Courtesy San Angelo Standard Times 1961 – The old Clinic Hospital


2011 – I was told that this white building was part of Shannon Hospital.  But, it may be the brown one next to it??
2012 – The Butterfield II building (middle building) was part of the old Clinic Hospital.


Photograph provided by Mike Dejean24 April 2021 – White building was torn down.


2011 – Central Fire Station located on (northbound Koenigheim Street) Bryant Blvd/Highway 87
2012 – K Courts next to Quiznos.  The Central Fire Station is off camera on the right on N Bryant.
2012 – The New Rodeo Mexican Restaurant was destroyed. 2013 – Discount Tire was built.
2012 – Grandy’s was open.
2013 – No wonder Grandy’s had to close, motorists couldn’t see the restaurant until they were almost already past it.  The Grandy’s sign was blocked by the new Discount Tire building.
22 June 2014 – No more Grandy’s.  As of this date, no clue what will take its place.
4 February 2019 – Looking at the back of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and the front of Starbucks


August 2012 – I was driving north on Bryant Blvd and had to stop and get photographs of the McDonald ‘s building being destroyed. The green highway sign on the overpass is for the completed Houston Harte Expressway (Loop 306/US67/US277).


This entrance ramp above is seen in next photograph in the background of the three vehicles on the left.2012 – The McDonald’s on Bryant (HWY87) heading north out of city was rebuilt.


2013 – Julio’s Burritos located close to the newly remodeled McDonald’s on Hwy 87.
Looking south out over the overpass on  Loop306/HWY67.


23 November 2018
Photograph provided by Google Map data
2012 – Heading north out of town (towards Greek Grape), you can see on the right the Knights of Columbus hall on E Frontage Road.


2011 – Use to be a bad area for traffic accidents.  Lakeview Drugs Pharmacy used to be on this corner.  The Drive In movie theater entrance would have been behind you on the right (about 1/2 mile).
2012 – New Walgreens recently opened in late November/early December (can’t remember when).  Sonic and now McAlister’s is to the north/left (off camera).
2012 – This Sonic is on  on northside of city on N Bryant and 29th Street.                                                                  2015 – The second McAlister’s Deli opened.


2014 – Looking south, at W 23rd Street there used to be a Kentucky Fried Chicken that has been closed for years and years.  As of 2019, it is still vacant.  If you recall, Martin Luther King Drive ran parallel east of Bryant Blvd.  The Chicken Farm Art Center and Franco’s Cafe are located on MLK Drive.
2012 – Franco’s Cafe on Martin Luther King Drive.
2012 – The old Wal-Mart on Bryant is now Tom Green County offices.


Paula Sue’s moved from Grape Creek to this building on N. Bryant and then moved and now (in 2012) the original Bamboo Garden moved from across the street from Sunset Mall into this building.  By 2013, Bamboo Garden is now closed. As of March 2014, this location is now a Heff’s Burgers (from Abilene) – please see next photograph.
2014 – Heff’s Burgers



26 September 2012 – I believe this is RJ’s BBQ second location, the first was on Martin Luther King Blvd.


November 2011 – Driving north on Bryant Blvd (US87), you will is on the right is the new and old structures that make up St Joseph Catholic Church. November 2011 – This photograph shows the gate entrance that you would see from Martin Luther King Drive and West 17th Street.November 2011 – This photograph is facing south and shows the north wall on West 17th Street.




2009 – Baptist Memorials Retirement Services  – To the right off camera would be the Main Street overpass for Houston Harte Expressway/Loop 306.


February 2013 – Top photograph provided by Google Map data6 February 2020 – Above bottom photograph provided by Donna Marro.  The Evelyn Linebery Building was demolished.
February 2013 – Top photograph provided by Google Map dataAbove bottom photograph provided by Donna Marro
6 February 2020 – Both photographs provided by Donna Marro


Photograph provided by Mike Dejean11 April 2021 – Dust has settled on the removal of the Evelyn Linebery Building


Photograph provided by Google Map data2021 – Google Maps shows the Evelyn Linebery Building is gone.





2012 – Christians in Action use to be the Winn Dixie located close to Main Street and Houston Harte Expressway entrance.   Baptist Memorials Retirement Services is off camera to the left across the bridge.


2012 – St Paul Presbyterian Church is located by Central High School (off camera on left) on N. Park. Peasant Village restaurant (next photograph) is located directly behind this church (as the crow flies) at the corner of the block.
2012 – Across the street from Peasant Village and St Paul Presbyterian Church is the Civic League Park Municipal Rose Garden and Water Lily Display.  Check out photographs in San Angelo Points of Interest.


2011 – Looking east (towards downtown) on Beauregard – BoBo Kitchen
2012 – By BoBo Kitchen is Bodacious BBQ and Donut Shop


24 September 2018 – Donut Shop is now Tacos OJ.


2011 – Looking east (towards downtown) Catfish Corner on Beauregard close by BoBo Kitchen.  BoBo Kitchen is off camera (on left). Special Thank You to Cathye Moon for sharing the photograph of Bill Jones’ Drive-In that was located at the same location/address as Catfish Corner.  Cathye found this photograph in a 1962 and 1963 copies of the Rambouillet. Was also Penguin Point – sold in 1985; Uncle Charlie’s Restaurant – closed in ??; then became Catfish Corner.
20 February 2013 – Catfish Corner was destroyed by fire.


September 2013 – I am assuming this will be the new building for Catfish Corner.


ColorTyme is next to where Ponderosa (or was it Bonanza steakhouse?) and Skaggs-Albertsons used to be (off camera left) AND across the street (on Beauregard) from Congregation Beth Israel.
2011 – Skaggs-Albertsons on Sherwood Way (near Angelo Civic Theatre) closed in February.
2011 – The “famous” Beauregard/Sherwood Way split (Skaggs) Albertsons was located (off camera) on your right.  Now it is a Walmart Neighborhood Market.
Photograph provided by Google Map dataAerial of Sherwood Way/Beauregard Split
June 2013 – Congregation Beth Israel on Beauregard  El Patio Motor Hotel is off camera to your right.
Congregation Beth Israel – A part of El Patio is shown here on the right.
(Top Photo)  Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson) 1960? 2011 – El Patio located close to the split of Beauregard and Sherwood Way.   The Beth Israel building can be seen at the far left of El Patio.
Photographs provided by Cathye Moon
2009 – Looking north, old Shakey’s Pizza (on left; white/brick building) was next to Angelo Civic Theatre on Sherwood Way.  (Old Shakey’s use to have round windows.)


2009 – Was Shakey’s Pizza in 1980s; The SWIG, and then International Buffet; now various businesses.
2011 – Longhorn “lost” on Sherwood Way.  Old Shakey’s location would be behind you.  At the traffic light is where Sherwood Way meets Pecos Street.
Photograph provided by Cathye Moon 2012 – Very detailed “lost” longhorn
Top photograph provided by Terry Casey Bottom photographs provided by Cathye Moon (2012) 2011 – Longhorn “lost” on Sherwood Way.  Old Shakey’s location would be to your right (off camera).  In the background is the round Medical Arts building


Photograph provided by Cathye Moon Donuts Express is located across the street from Texas Bank (off camera on the left) on Sherwood Way and very close to the Sherwood Way/Beauregard split and “lost” Longhorn statue.
July 2014 – City Cafe and Bakery
The first photograph provided by Cathye Moon. 2009 – Looking east towards “lost” longhorn and Shakey’s location, is a statue of businessman on Sherwood Way next to Texas Bank and Goodwill Industries.  The Goodwill Industries store is right behind you (off camera).


September 2013 – Goodwill store is still next to the business man statue by Texas Bank




2012 – In this little strip mall, Owen Mills Photo Studio use to be where either the Radio Shack or the Texas Gun Shop are located now.


2012 – Lee Jr High is still located on Sherwood Way.


Ridgeway Florist to Dragon Licious Chinese food.  Also, wasn’t this building a Taco Bueno and a bike shop before Ridgeway??
2 February 2013 – Dragon Licious


2011 – Looking east on Sherwood Way, heading towards previous photographs (way up the road).

18 March 2018 – The large penny sign at Bratton’s is no more.
Both photographs provided by Cathye MoonDates Unknown – Top photograph is a postcard by Walcott & Sons of Zentner’ s Steak House bought on eBay. The bowling lanes are in the photograph at the far right (and off camera).
Use to be original Zentner’s then Henry’s Steak House on Sherwood Way.  Then, it was Paula Sue’s but changed name from Paula Sue’s to Peppercorn Grill.  The Sherwood Lanes would have been next door (on right – off camera).


15 January 2019 – Peppercorn Grill was closed and The Boat Oyster Bar & Grill was opened.



Photograph provided by Cathye MoonThis photograph was taken prior to 2009.  Zentner’s, Henry’s Steak House, Paula Sue’s (Peppercorn’s) is off camera on the left.
2009 – Looking west, this use to be Sherwood Lanes (bowling alley).  Zentner’s/Henry’s Steak House would have been behind you (off camera). Looks like they removed almost half of the front portion of the bowling lanes.
28 January 2013 – Sherwood Lanes was gutted and awaiting face lift.



November 2012 – Freeb!rds World Burrito and Smiling Moose Deli was located where Blockbuster Video used to be across Sherwood Way from the first HEB.  In the middle, between the eateries, used to be CASH STORE (CASH & TITLE LOANS place.  Both places have closed and as of 2019 there is a House of Teriyaki Grill where Freebirds was.  I will have to drive by and see what place took over Smiling Moose Deli.


November 2012 – Jackson Square – At far left is new Freebirds/Smiling Moose Deli (old Blockbuster Video).
November 2012 – Hidalgos Restaurant West – Does anyone remember what this was before?  (I am thinking a bar.)  Henry’s Diner is a block away off camera on your right.
January 13, 2010 – The Original Henry’s Diner Mexican Food.  HEB would be up the street on your left.
2012 – Looking east, Diego’s Burritos is on Sherwood Way; use to be a Dunkin Donuts.  Across the street is Hidalgos Restaurant West.
Photograph provided by Google Map data
2012 – The Commons Shopping Center that was behind Blockbuster Video (now Freeb!rds/Smiling Moose) and across the street from old, old K-Mart now H E B.  (The yellow oval is shown in next photograph.)
2013 – Nakamura Sushi and Korean Cuisine is located in The Commons Shopping Center by H E B.


2011 – H E B (in 1980’s this was K-Mart) Thank you to Cathye Moon for finding the K Mart photograph and also for posting the ‘M’ System photograph from the Randy Cave Collection on Facebook’s San Angelo — 50s and 60s Style page.


2011 – Bowman Lumber is now closed.


2011 – Baskin-Robbins located by H E B (old, old K-Mart). Sonic Drive Thru is to the left (can’t see it very well). McDonald’s was built but only open a short time before it was leveled and a Walgreen was built in its place.


2011 – Olive Nursery and Kozy Kitchen (H E B is located off camera, up the road, on the right).
2011 – Fiddlestrings Club located close to Olive Nursery on Arden Road.
2011 – Used to be a Burger King at corner of Sherwood Way and Southwest Blvd.  In 2018, this is now Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers.


Applebee’s located on Sherwood Way by a few other eateries.  Mr. Gatti’s (now closed) was off camera on right by Tinseltown.

2012 – Mr Gatti’s is on Sherwood Way next to Applebee’s.  Didn’t there used to a Mr. Gatti’s across the street from the old K-Mart (now H E B) on Avenue N?  Cinemark Tinseltown USA is located in the background (on right).


2018 – An inside/outside patio area is added to the far right of the restaurant.

In the background (of photograph on the right) is the new indoor/outdoor patio area.The portion of the back wall painted red with LANDSHARK Lager under the EXIT sign is the entrance to restaurant.  The new outdoor/indoor patio is on the left.  See next photograph from different angle.

The entrance to the restaurant is behind you to the left.  The inside of the new Fuzzy Taco is certainly different from the way Applebee’s used to look.


 November 2019 – Noticed that Tinseltown now has reclining seats.
2012 – Applebee’s is off camera on the left.  Cinemark Tinseltown USA theaters is seen at the far left.  Marble Slab Creamery is located next to the theater on its right.  Then were was a Cajun Restaurant that has been closed and as of November 2019 there is a new restaurant MASA.  See next photographs.


November 2019 – MASA Sushi Bar and Japanese Grill
2012 – Looking at a stretch of Sherwood Way.  Little Mexico Restaurant was torn down and the building (Credit World) on the far left was built in its place.  For reference – looking way up the road, you will come to H E B on the right.
2013 – Looking at SAM’s Club from Sherwood Way, The Grill is the last business on the right.


25 April 2019 – View of new mini-shopping area with Newk’s and HEB in the background.
February 2019 – New restaurant opens across the parking lot from the new HEB.


2012 – Hobby Lobby Wasn’t Food Emporium where Muli Chem is now?  And wasn’t Wal-Mart where Hobby Lobby is now?


2009 – Twin Mountain Steak House
2011 – Use to have to go outside city limits for liquor on 67 next to Twin Mountain Steak House
2011 – Heading towards Whiskey City


2011 – Whiskey City “ghost town”



2011 – Panoramic look at Village Shopping Center on Beauregard So you can see entire photograph, please click on the photograph itself.  It should now allow you to see the entire view. The Village Theater? was located at right of photograph.
                                                 Photographs provided by Google Map data Top Photo:  Behind Blanek’s Village Cafe is Halfmann’s Cake Cottage.
Bottom Photo:  After 14 years, Kenny Blanek’s Village Cafe closed its doors in San Angelo on Dec. 23, 2020.  Blanek’s longtime catering business; however, will remain open.  Blanek said he and his wife, Jeanie, made the decision to close the restaurant at 2100 W. Beauregard Ave. 
Photograph provided by Mike Dejean




2011 – Ichiban Japanese Steak House in Park 2400 on College Hills Blvd.  Lew and I always celebrated birthdays here for many years.  In January 2019, while we were waiting for lunch, it dawned on me that I never got photographs of the inside.
January 2019 – When you first walk into the entrance.
Year ago, they used to have various fake dishes displayed in the cabinet so diners could see what the items looked like.  I especially liked this feature, because it reminded me of when I was stationed at Misawa AB, Japan.  I would go off base and restaurants would have these same displays in their windows to get Americans to pick out what they wanted before they entered (and couldn’t read/speak Japanese).
When you walk through the small (SUSHI) curtain (previous photograph), you can be seated in this main area, or go to the right behind the purple-ish reception podium into the next area (see next photograph).
Years ago, where the bar is now, used to be a wooden, seating booth waiting area.
If you proceed through the parted cat* curtain doorway, you will enter the largest seating area (next photograph).
*The maneki-neko “beckoning cat” is a common Japanese figurine (lucky charm, talisman) which is often believed to bring good luck to the owner.  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The cat curtain doorway is in the center of this photograph.  I stood in the farthest corner to get the room from a different angle.
We got to be in an advertisement.  I think it might have been in the base Monitor newspaper and we were surprised to see ourselves.When I retired from Goodfellow in 2009, I created a slideshow and this was one of the slides.  That is me on the right and one of my coworker and supervisor (in white).


31 August 2019 – While walking to Ichiban, I noticed there was a different business on the corner.  However, on closer inspection, this War Dogs Gaming and Comics has already closed.


Photograph provided by Google Map data and Find My iPhone
Photographs provided by Google Map dataFebruary 2016
13 August 2019 – The miniature golf course that was unshaded has been removed.  It was called Golf Plus and Preston’s Play Yard.


2012 – Calvary Lutheran Church
2012 – West Branch Library – Unidad Park is off camera (on your right) across College Hills Blvd.


2012 – College Hills Swim and Racquet Club on Vista Del Arroyo Drive across the street from the West Branch Library.
2012 – College Hills Swim and Racquet Club on Vista Del Arroyo Drive across the street from the West Branch Library.
2014 – I noticed that there is now a mural on the side of the San Angelo College Hills Swim & Racquet Club.
2012 – Unidad Park West Branch Library is in the background (on your left) across College Hills Blvd.
2011 – Tom Green County Courthouse


2011 – First escalator in San Angelo is hidden behind chain (left of trash container); old library closes shortly.
2011 – Entrance to old library shortly before it closed.
2011 – Shortly before they closed the old library, I got a few photographs.
2011 – The very small Children’s Section of old library. The new library is awesome!
2011 – Grand opening of the new Stephens Central Library
2011 – The Children’s section is in the basement.  First photo is looking at the entrance/exit of the new Stephens Central Library at ground floor level.  Middle photo shows the exit to the library is where the two girls are standing by railing, one floor below is Children’s Area.  Third photo another view from ground floor looking into Children’s Area which is below street level.


2011 – Huge Children’s Area. This is probably only a fourth of it.
2011 – The marble in this first photo is the base for statue of Mr. Kelton.  See next photograph where the base and statue was moved to the left side of the library as you enter main area.  The Help Desk is off camera on the right.2011 – Life-size statue of Elmer Kelton (please check out
2011 – Has a cafe in new library.  Notice another area for computer access.  Still another computer section and the last photo is looking out the top floor at Tom Green County Courthouse.
2011 – Lew is standing in front of the new library looking for the paver we bought.  Courthouse is down the road on the right.We found it by where is Lew is standing above.

2011 – Back entrance of new library.  This use to be the entrance to the Furr’s Cafeteria many years ago when this building was Hemphill-Wells.
Photograph provided by Steven Polunsky Unknown Date – I remember the sound of the wooden floors when you walked in the store.
2010 – Use to be Harry’s Food Store; then Thrift Store; now vacant.   The YMCA is located one block up the street (off camera) on the right.
Photograph provided by Google Map data
21 April 2019
View of extension of YMCA.  Looking at the corner of Concho Ave and S. Koenigheim (Bryant Blvd).


Photograph provided by Google Map dataNovember 201221 April 2019 – Viewing the front of the YMCA and back of the newly built First Financial Bank.  Bryant Blvd is behind the YMCA/bank.  The traffic light for the corner of W Concho Ave and S. Koenigheim (Bryant) is seen in the middle of the photograph.
Official USAF Photograph 1960? – Looking north on Irving Street
2011 – Looking north on Irving Street


Does anyone remember what the names of the different restaurants were in the building below?  We remember a German restaurant but not its name.  Also, off camera across the street to your right was the Servicemen’s Center and now  Boy Scouts of America.  Please see photographs after the old Putt Putt Golf course.2011 – Looking south, the low water crossing on Irving Street.  Behind you would have been the Putt Putt golf course.
2011 – Use to be a Putt Putt Golf course; also in 1973, the road use to continue along the river.


Official USAF Photograph Date unknown – Servicemen’s Center on Concho Drive near corner of Irving Street and Park Drive.
Official USAF Photograph Date Unknown – Serviceman’s Center on Concho Drive
Plaque on above pedestal reads: ARMED ORCES DAY, MAY 15, 1959 This B-25 presented to the people of San Angelo as a grateful memorial dedicated to Goodfellow Air Force Base and to those responsible for the success of its mission. SAN ANGELO JAYCEES Duane Sparks, Pres Floyd Smith, Secy Al Boedecker, 1st VP Harold Ensey, Treas Gene Kilgore, 2d VP Ben O’Neal, State Dir
June 2009 – Now Boy Scouts of America; was Serviceman’s Center on Concho Drive.
2011 – If I recall, this use to be an Army Surplus Store back in the 1980’s-1990’s. UPDATE:  December 2016 – This location is now the Angry Cactus Bar & Grill.  Please check out You May Recall.
December 2016 – The old Army Surplus Store is now home to the Angry Cactus West Texas Bar & Grill.


2011 – River Stage (Art Museum is off camera up the hill on the left)


Summer of 2018
Bottom photograph provided by Google Map data2009 (November) – Hotel Cactus, Celebration Bridge, and 9-11 Memorial (the River Stage is off camera, behind you). 2011 (October) – View of Concho River drained taken with my camera and from Google Maps.
4 February 2019 – View of Concho River with water
2011 – August San Angelo was into the worst heat wave with 62+ days of over 100 degrees when we got blessed relief with over 5 inches of rain.

Not sure what this fisherman was expecting to catch in this swiftly running water.
29 October 2011 – Looking north on Irving Street (when there hasn’t been 5+ inches of rain).


2013 – Looking north on S Oakes, Troy Cleaners was located at the corner of S Oakes Street and Allen Street.
2009 – Armenta’s Café on S Oakes Street


2009 – Located at the corner of S Oakes St and E Ave K is Kimbo’s Saloon.  In 1973, it use to be Frontier Lounge.


As time allows, I will post all the other photos of businesses on Oakes Street.

2013 – Mikulik’s I have never had any of their products but their reviews say they have great sausage.  Please check out:


2013 – Looking NE, Mexican Grill is on E. Avenue L.  Continuing to the left on Avenue L (passing the Dollar General), you will pass (off camera) the Fire Training Tower (next photograph) on the left side of the bridge over the Concho River – then you will get to Bell Street.


November 2009 – Lone Wolf Bridge  Looking at Lone Wolf Bridge from bridge separating Paint Rock Rood from Ave L
Photograph provided by Google Map data“X” marks where I stood to get the previous photograph.  The Fire Training Tower can be seen along with Glenmore Park (behind the word Google in white in photograph) and Lone Wolf Pub.
November 2009 – Looking west on East Avenue L (across the bridge) which turns into Paint Rock Road (behind you).  Mexican Grill would have been up the road on your right.
November 2009 – San Angelo Fire Training Tower Where the white van is parked (next to black arrow at left) is one of the many fire stations in San Angelo. This fire station is the closest to Goodfellow. If you follow the arrow to the left you would come to the intersection of Christoval Highway (not shown) and Paint Rock (Ave L).  The Lone Wolf Pub is up on Paint Rock Road (to the left and then on the right-hand side of the street).
2012 – SAISD Mainenance building sets right across the street from the Lone Wolf Pub on Paint Rock Road.  Off camera (on the left) would be the fire training tower and Concho
2010 – The Lone Wolf Pub


November 2009 – Lone Wolf Bridge (before the bridge was closed to only foot traffic)
November 2009 – Plaque above Lone Wolf Bridge In 2011, it is turned into only a walking bridge.
2012 – Texas Historic Bridge Cars can no longer use the Lone Wolf Bridge.


Newspaper clipping provided by San Angelo Standard Times.
October 2013 – Top Photograph – Standing in the backyard of the VFW (looking towards downtown. Bottom Photograph – Driving on Concho Drive, looking across the river at the VFW.
28 January 2019 – VFW
October 2013 – A panoramic view from the backyard of the VFW.  I just happened to be there when a train was getting ready to cross over the river.
2013 – Rudy’s Hair Salon has a sort of unique shape to it.


2011 – Looking NW, Ave N is at left side of photo; ASU is up the street about a block on the left.  White building  (blue roof) started out as a Dairy Queen, then in the 1980’s it was Mongolian Bar BQ.  Then, it was Joe’s Italian, and now it is La Esperanza Mexican/American restaurant.  Light brown building with round window was Crystal Confectionery.  This restaurant had model train moving on tracks hanging from ceiling.


October 2014 – Looking north, on 1 October 2014, Casa Bella Casual Café became La Chilanga.  Angelo State is across the street on your left (off camera).Looking south, at the front door.This menu is very similar to the menu at La Chilango.  In fact, this new La Chilanga restaruant is owned by the father (prior owner of La Chilango) and now his daughter.As of August 2019, La Chilanga is now closed and being reopened in the near future as a pizza restaurant.


31 August 2019 – at far left it looks like Napoli’s still has not opened.  The Asian Market shown here (if I am not mistaken) used to be where Ban Moon restaurant is located now.  Did not realized that there was  Koran restaurant in the back of the Asian Market until this morning.
31 August 2019 – Placed overlapping photographs to get the entire restaurant shown.


2011 – Jackson’s Ladies Fashions clothing store is still located at corner of Avenue N. and Johnson Street (by ASU).   Looking at top photograph, ASU is up the street on the left.  The next photographs of buildings would be off camera on the right about a block.
Photograph provided by Google Map data2019 – Health and Human Services is new building at far right.


2010 – Avenue N, looking towards Jackson’s Ladies Fashions (up the street on the left).  Panoramic view of one entrance to Angelo State by Mayer Administration Building.
2010 – Mayer Administration Building for ASU (built in 1947); this end of building is unique you see it from Ave N. 2014 – The photographs in the display case hang in the West Texas Collection at ASU on the second floor of the Houston Harte University Center.  Please check out:
2010 – Houston Harte University Center; bookstore use to be to the right. ASU Library to far left.
Permission granted to post the following photographs/video link  On 25 October 2009 the Women’s High Rise was imploded. Please check out:
2012 – On Rosemont Drive, there use to be a couple of married dorms (if I am not mistaken).  It was torn down and Centennial Village was constructed.  This area can be seen as a backward “E” in the aerial photo below.
As of 2018, there is a huge new building in this area.  I will try and get photographs.
28 January 2019 – This new building (behind stop sign) will be to the left of the backwards “E” below.
31 December 2013 – Our American flight from DFW flew close to ASU on the way to airport.


2009 – Now a furniture store, use to be Sante Fe Junction nightclub.  Continue north and you can see that Denny’s is still in operation.
3 October 2019
February 2011 – Old Time Pit Bar B Que was destroyed by fire.
Photograph provided by Google Map data
2011 – Mejor Que Nada closed for a short while and was Paula Sue’s but is back “Better than Ever”.   2013 – Mejor Que Nada is now closed again; building is vacant as of November.
2018 – Mejor Que Nada is now Ener-Tel.


2013 – Where that white car is at the light is the start of Knickerbocker Road heading west towards airport.  Behind you Knickerbocker Road changes to Avenue Q and heads towards the base.


3 October 2019 – Driving by Hidalgo’s now can see a vacant lot where EZ Pawn used to be.   EZ Pawn burned down on 30 July 2019.


2013 – Marquez Bakery is across the street from The Corner Stop.  I took this photograph looking west on Ave Q.  In the background at the traffic light is intersection of Knickerbocker and Bryant Blvd.
2011 – Great breakfast burritos!
December 2012 – The home on Hill Street still is all lit up for Christmas.


2012 – Looking north, Desiree’s Preferred Gentlemen’s Club is located at the corner of W Washington Drive and S Koenigheim (Bryant Blvd).  Does anyone remember what this was called before Desiree’s?   2016 – Still in operation.
Looking north on Bryant Blvd there use to be a Big Burger.


Top photograph provided by Google Map dataBottom photograph – 3 Oct 2019 – driving north on Bryant (Koenigheim St) you pass Gypsy Chix.


2011 – Looking west at corner of Avenue L and Bryant Blvd is Joe’s Italian Restaurant and Americas Best Value inn.



2011 – Do you remember the playhouse(?) artwork(?) that you can still see on the right side of Bryant Blvd (heading south)?  You can see the walking bridge in the far background for students getting to/from Rio Vista Elementary.


3 October 2019 – Looking/driving north on Bryant heading into town, you drive under the walking bridge that students use to get to/from Rio Vista Elementary (off camera behind the Dollar Tree).  Keep going south and you pass the newest super Walmart on the left side of Bryant.  About a 1/4 of a mile, behind you on the left (off camera) is Roxie’s Diner.
Photographs provided by Google Map data
3 October 2019 – Roxie’s Diner has great food.


2012 – I seem to recall that back in the 1980’s-1990’s this use to be Trinity Lutheran Church and School off of Kenwood Drive.


2012 (April) – Trudo’s Religious Store is located on Ave N.  They use to have their store in their home on Kenwood – if I recall correctly.  It has been at this location for a number of years now.  It is very near to Decoty’s Coffee Company (on Austin Street).  Behind you (off camera) on the right.


2012 (April) – DeCoty’s Coffee located on Austin Street (Knickerbocker Road would be behind you.)


May 2012 – Mr. T’s Deli was/is a great place to have an office off site “breakfast” meeting.


Date unknown – Emery’s was located on Knickerbocker Road.  In 2012, it is now Gil’s Restaurant
2010 – Gil’s Restaurant
11 October 2019 – Gil’s Restaurant is a busy place.


2012 – Cheddar’s on Knickerbocker close to Carino’s.  In the background (behind the trees on left) is one of the ASU student apartment housing.  Building on right of Cheddar’s (sort of off camera) is Staybridge Suites.



Carino’s closed and then became Cork & Pig’s new location.
6 December 2018 – Interior of Cork & Pig


2011 – San Angelo Colts Baseball Field (Foster Field); located on Knickerbocker Road.  The San Angelo Stadium (football) is located up the street (moving west) on the same left side of the street.


2013 – In this photograph, move up Knickerbocker to Rosa’s Cafe (off camera behind you).  The Golden Corral was totally reconstructed and turned into Twin Peaks opening in August of 2013.


2012 – John Glenn Middle School (Jr High)
2013 – Looking NE at the PAYS* School building.  San Angelo Stadium is off camera to the left. *Preparing Area Youth for Success
2010 – San Angelo Stadium; Central Bobcats and now Lake View Chiefs play football here.  Building on far left was once the GTE building. Now it is the Verizon building; located on Johnson Street.  White building is John Glenn Jr. High.


2012 – St Mark Presbyterian Church is just to the right of Johnson Street Church of Christ.  What is funny is that St Mark lists its address as Johnson Avenue.  So, I went to Google Map and it does have Johnson marked as Street and Avenue. The white building in the center of photograph is John Glenn Jr High and San Angelo Stadium can be seen at the right.



2011 – Use to be Golden Corral, then Rice Farm, now it is Bonsai Garden; across the street from stadium.
2013 – Westlake ACE Hardware still on Knickerbocker Road.  Can anyone tell me what was here before ACE?  Zentner’s Daughter is next to ACE Hardware on your right (off camera).
2009 – World famous Zentner’s Daughter.  If you recall, there use to be a wooden horse carousel in the restaurant, but many years ago they had a fire and had to remodel.  Update:  Zentner’s Daughter closed on 31 December 2019.  Please check out:

UPDATE:  As of 5 June 2020, I heard that Napoli’s Italian Restaurant will be moving into Zentner’s Daughter.


Photograph provided by Mike Dejean11 April 2021 – Zentner’s Daughter is now the location of Napoli’s.



2009 – Stadium Lanes is the only bowling lanes in town (except for at the base). Zentner’s Daughter is further up on the left in Stadium Plaza.  Please see next photograph. 2013 – Resigned the sign


2012 – Cork & Pig Does anyone remember if there was another business here prior to C&P?  In 2018, moved to Carino’s location.  See earlier.  As of November 2018, this location is still vacant.
19 July 2019 – Cork & Pig was demolished and Firestone was built.
Photograph was taken in 2013.  I don’t know when Howard College moved from this location on Executive Drive.  Update:  Moved to north US Highway 67.


Back in 1973, here was location of the 1st Community Federal Credit Union.September 2013 – Looking east, Arby’s is now closed.
The 3 Parrots Taco Shop (which has already closed) was located in this strip mall.  See the previous top photograph 3 Parrots was on the right of the blue building (behind the vehicle on the road)
2012 – 3 Parrots Taco Shop. Does anyone remember what were the other (at least) two businesses here prior to 3 Parrots.
10 September 2018 – 3 ParrotsNovember 2018 – 3 Parrots Taco Shop closes.
2012 – Chinese Kitchen was located on the left and many years ago, there was Paparoni’s Pizza in the right corner with a large area with plastic balls to jump in.  CiCi’s Pizza was then at the far right (off camera) at the end of the building.  Across the street was Southern Sea.
Photograph provided by Cathye MoonThis postcard of Southern Sea taken in 1983 was on eBay.
Photograph provided by Cathye Moon Thank you Cathye for this great find!
2011 – Compnay Printer used to be the Southern Seas, a great seafood place with soft rolls that were great with honey.


2011 – Southwest Plaza across from Community Hospital on Knickerbocker Burkes Outlet use to be movie theater.  8 Wheels use to be located right behind this plaza (back behind the red/white tent).
2009 – Midnight Rodeo used to be 8 Wheels skating rink (behind Southwest Shopping Plaza)
20 November 2019 – Noticed that Midnight Rodeo is now The Concho Palace.  No clue how long this place has been opened.  Also, where Ashley’s Furniture store used to be is now Celebration Church.


2011 – Unfortunately, Baker Street is now closed.  Back in the early 1990’s it was the Big Apple Bagel. Wasn’t there a Community Pharmacy at the side of the building?
2012 (April) – New Shannon Urgent Care is located where Big Apple Bagel/Baker Street Coffee House were located.


October 2014 – New Indian Cuisine restaurant opened in the old Taste of Italy building in Southwest Plaza Shopping Center.



2012 – San Angelo Community Medical Center (use to be Angelo Community Hospital) on Knickerbocker.


Photograph provided by Mike Dejean11 April 2021 – San Angelo Community Medical Center is now Shannon South.



2010 – Now the Wharf; use to be Pelican’s (Point?) In the background is Sitel (use to be the Plaza Tower, I think).  On the oppisite corner across from the Loop is the La Quinta Inn.
2012 – La Quinta Inn  McCoy’s Lumber is off camera down the frontage room to your right.


2013 – McCoy’s is still located right off Loop 306 and Knickerbocker Road.


April 2012 – When you were driving out to the airport/Rec Camp, Glen Meadows Baptist Church was on Knickerbocker Road on the left side.
April 2012 – Packshaddle BBQ


April 2012 – San Angelo Power Station (I don’t think it is operational).  The KOA campgrounds is still located on the left (off camera). May 2014 – It sure is NOT operational…’s gone!
April 2012 – San Angelo Power Station May 2014 – Gone!
April 2012 KOA Kampground is still located in same spot it was in 1973.  Because, while I was at 202 tech school, my parents came out one weekend to visit me from Ohio and they stayed here.  The road to the left(by the car) is a popular walking area.  It has actual steep hills to climb around the lake front homes.
2012 – This historical marker is located off camera to the left of the previous photograph.  Then, you start going over the Nasworthy Bridge (heading to the airport).


August 2010 – Use to be the entrance to the airport


As of 2012 – Now, this is the entrance to the airport. The right by those flags is the Vietnam Memorial.


2010 – Passenger Terminal  Top photo was found with other photographs from The Standard Times at the West Texas Collection at ASU.
The following photographs were taken in 2010 before the airport was remodeled in 2015.


2010 – Walking into terminal


2010 – Going up escalator to Departure Gates 1 & 2.  At top of escalator is large window looking out onto the runway.      Gate 2                                                            View right off escalator                                                                Gate 1
2010 – Gate 3 is actually on ground level.
2010 – View of airport from plane
31 March 2015
27 October 2015
27 October 2015 – View when you first walk into the airport. The Check In, Baggage Claim, and Rental Cars are still (off camera) to your left.  Still on the far right is the Mathis Café.
27 October 2015 – Front Entrance on the far left.  The Check In, Baggage Claim, and Rental Cars are still straight ahead.  The Mathis Cafe would be behind you to the right.
27 October 2015 – This shows a little different angle from previous photograph.  The new passenger waiting area is carpeted.  This area allows you to watch departing/arriving passengers using the escalator/stairs.
27 October 2015 – Continuing to pan to the right, you see the Mathis Café straight ahead with the carpeted passenger waiting area to the left.
31 March 2015 – When you plane arrives and disembark into the terminal, you will head down the escalator or stairs into the main lobby of the airport.  The carpeted passenger waiting area is now straight ahead on your left side.  As I mentioned before you get a great view watching the passengers.


31 March 2015 – When you continue through the center glass door, go almost to the front entrance before you turn right towards the Check In counter, the Baggage Claim, and Rental cars.


2010 – Christ the King Retreat Center located near the base by Concho River
2010 – Inside the courtyard of Christ the King Retreat Center
2010 – Stepping to the left (or to the right) of the chapel will lead you out the iron gates into the back area by the river.
2010 – Christ the King Retreat Center has Stations of the Cross along the Concho River
2010 – Christ the King Retreat Center


Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson) Date Unknown – New Shannon Hospital built on parking lot of old hospital
Postcard found at website noted at top of photo The following photograph of Shannon Memorial Hospital is provided courtesy of the John P. McGovern Historical Collections and Research Center, Houston Academy of Medicine-Texas Medical Center Library, Houston, Texas
Photographs provided by various folks: GoogleMap, Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson), Standard Times, The tannish colored photograph is of the old Shannon taken from new Shannon prior to August 1982. Old Shannon Memorial hospital was imploded in August 1982.I had to put the above collage of photographs together to get a better grasp at where the “old” Shannon ER ramp was located. I think I finally figured it out. Thank you to all who contributed photographs for me to post. The brownish colored photograph (far, far right) was taken by Mr. Allen Johnson and he was standing on second floor (I think) roof of the new Shannon and was looking south towards the old Shannon shortly before it was imploded. I tried to position the top Google Map screen capture to match the newspaper’s view of Hotel Cactus and Sacred Heart Cathedral in the background.
2009 – Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital with overhead walkway to Woman & Children’s Center


2013 – It has always stuck me funny that when Shannon built the Women’s and Children’s Hospital building, they built it right up against Triple A garage (on Main Street).  Now Triple A is vacant.  Sort of reminds me of overseas and how close buildings were cramped together. May 2016 – Drove by and noticed that Triple A is gone.


February 2013 Air Med area (Shannon would be off camera on your right).



December 2013 – Diego’s Burritos at corner of N Main and E 3rd Street (by Pulliam Street).


2011 – Hudman’s Drug Store on Main Street (looking north) is now closed.
2014 – Looking south on N Main.  Hudman’s Drug Store would be behind your right shoulder (off camera).


2011 – North end of Chadbourne Street close to Brown’s Pool


2011 – Brown’s Pool located at north end of Chadbourne Street


2014 – Located almost to the end of north Chadbourne close to Brown’s Pool.
2014 – Driving north on Chadbourne Street, you can see just the old sign for Rodeo Model.


Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson) 1960 – San Angelo Coliseum
2009 – Front of remodeled Coliseum
2012 – Now known as the Foster Communications Coliseum
Photograph provided by Google Map data


2012 – The Old Lake View Stadium is located right next to the Coliseum. Now, both Lake View Chiefs and Central Bobcats play football at the San Angelo Stadium on Knickerbocker Road.
2011 – El Maracay used to be La Casa Blanca and was located in north San Angelo on Chadbourne.  It has been closed for quite awhile.


Photograph provided by Google Map data2018 – Looks like they are painting the building.


2012 – North Angelo Branch Library on Chadbourne heading north towards the fork in the road to the Coliseum.


2011 – Use to be Sunshine Grocery (Market?), located up the street at the corner of 29th Street and Chadbourne (across the street (off camera on right) from Joe’s Park Restaurant (now closed).


2013 – At the corner of Chadbourne and 29th Street across the street from what use to be Joe’s Park Restaurant, is this dance club, close to Joe’s Park and Vasquez Grocery (old Sunshine Grocery).


Top photograph provided by Google Map dataAugust 2019 – Driving on 29th Street, I noticed that the sheep for Hirschfeld Steel had a different background.  Discovered that W&W|AFCO Steel bought out Hirschfeld in February 2018.



2011 – Park Motel and Joe’s Restaurant on Chadbourne Street


                Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson) 1960’s? – Fred Harris Bar-B-Que is on N. Chadbourne and 21st St. A big THANK YOU goes out to Jan Thomas for contacting me with location of where Fred Harris Bar-B-Que was located. I drove by this morning and took the below photograph. Jan wrote: “The picture of Fred Harris Bar-B-Que is on N. Chadbourne and 21st St. Where the cars are parked is now Western Sky Steakhouse.”
2011 – Top Left Photo – Medina’s Turkey Legs use to be Fred Harris Bar-B-Q. 2013 – Bottom Left Photo – Bubba’s Smokehouse  (red) 2015 – Right Photo – Pizza Chef (blue)


2009 – Western Sky Steak House located in north San Angelo on Chadbourne Street
2019 – Western Sky has been remodeled.  I am hoping to get photographs before they remodeled.  And; then, I hope to take photographs of the current inside.   I will post another photograph of the outside in the next day or so.


2011 – Sands Motel on Chadbourne  Street


2015 – Oleans Custom Frames & Matting is located almost across from TUMC.2012 – Looks like the Trinity United Methodist Church on Chadbourne is for sale.
2012 – Palmer Feed Supply, Inc. on N. Chadbourne Street


Insert photograph of Charles’ Drive-In ad that appeared in the Central High School’s 1965 Westerner yearbook was provided by Cathye Moon.June 2015 – Photographs of Hidalgo’s Restaurant North that use to be location of Charles’ Drive-In.   Please go to REMEMBRANCES from the Home Page and check out historical background information from Mr. Randal Walls


2011 – Heading north up Chadbourne Street, you came to this sharp turn. Facing north, there use to be the Western Iron Works. You had to drive around it to continue driving north up Chadbourne Street.  Now it is vacant lot that, if my intel is correct, will become the city’s bus transfer location.  If you were to turn 180 degrees, you can still see the Coke Cola distributing center building.
Now, you are looking at the north side of the red brick building shown above.2011 – Photo taken from overpass of Loop 306/Hwy67, looking south, vacant lot used to be location of Western Iron Works near the “S” curve on North Chadbourne Street. There will be more photographs taken of this “S” curve (from different angles) in later photographs.


I can’t recall if I took this from the 15th floor of the Hotel Cactus.Date Unknown – heading north up Chadbourne Street, you came to this sharp turn. Facing north, there was the Western Iron Works before it was destroyed.
2011 – Looking east, used to be location of Western Iron Works near the “S” curve on North Chadbourne Street (off camera on right).
2012 –  I took the top photograph while I parked on the entrance ramp on the Houston Harte Expressway.On the left, you can see Loop 306/Hwy 67.
2012 – When this photograph was taken (looking north), the new Concho Valley Transit District is almost completed.  Western Iron Works use to be at this location (at the “S” curve).  Loop 306/Hwy 67 is right behind this new building.  Catholic Charities building is off camera in the right.
2013 – I have seen a photograph in a book of the actual railroad depot* that may have been on this same location.  The builders did a very nice job of copying the design for Catholic Charities/Catholic Outreach Services.  Ashley’s Boot Repair is up the street on the left.

*Please checkout the following link for more  information.,_San_Angelo,_Texas_LCCN2007675408.jpg

2012 – Ashley’s Boot Repair



2011 – Looking south on Chadbourne Street; the Coke distributing center recently closed.
Looking south on Chadbourne, the street shown on the right is W 1st St.  Driving further south the next street is W College Ave (seen in photograph below with Western Printing Company.  On W College Ave you can find the City Auditorium, Water Department, and First Presbyterian Church.
2012 – The Water Department is a block or so west of Chadbourne and Western Printing Company.  City Auditorium is off camera on the right.


2011 – City Auditorium on W. College currently getting major face lift.  Old, old public library then Health Department is building shown at the right of City Auditorium.
2012 – Yes, the building originally had PUBLIC LIBRARY inscribed on it.
2011 – City Auditorium, Roosevelt Hotel (distance) and First Presbyterian For further point of reference, the white building in front of the Roosevelt Hotel is the back of Western Printing.
2012 – Western Printing is located at the corner of Chadbourne Street and College Ave.  The City Auditorium, Water Department, and First Presbyterian Church are in the background on the left.
Photograph provided by Google Map data
2011 – Back in 1973, the city bus transfer parking lot use to be behind this building on the right.  Western Printing Company is off camera to your left.
2011 – Back in 1973, you would walk into the door from Chadbourne Street and go out the back door to be where the city buses would gather so folks could transfer to another one.  The Roosevelt Hotel is off camera on the left.


8 April 2017 – Looks like there might be some construction done to the old Roosevelt Hotel.  The church steeple on the right is the First Christian Church by Shannon hospital.


2011 – Blaine’s Pub at corner of Chadbourne and Harris
2011 – Murals in store front windows on Chadbourne
2011 – These murals in store front windows on Chadbourne can be viewed in tab “Points of Interest”.  The building in the upper left of this photograph is shown in next photograph.
2011 – Angelo Bail Bonds  Across the street from the murals is a unique look at a vehicle that has long horns on the hood and can always be found sticking out of the building.


2013 – Tom Green County Justice Center is located at the corner of Harris Street and Irving Street.  At the far right you can see just the side of the San Angelo Standard Times building.  City Auditorium (white building) is at the end of Irving Street.


April 2013 – San Angelo Standard Times


2013 – Back in the 1980’s, this was West Texas Utilities.  It was across the street from the drug store (now Fuentes Cafe Downtown).  Hotel Cactus is in the background.


2011 – Looking south on Chadbourne, (left side) use to be West Texas Utilities, next are the historic Three Sisters building.


2009 – Fuentes Cafe Downtown at corner of Chadbourne and Beauregard
Rich Haycook noted: “Fuentes Cafe was known as the “Airmen’s Corner” in the 1960’s. It’s where we would all wait for the bus to go back to the base – or for the dreamers, the place where one could get picked up by a carload of girls. 99 44/100% of the time the bus came first.” In 1973, Fuentes was a drug store. The city bus would stop right in front of the drug store.
Photographs provided by Google Map data and Mike Dejean 11 April 2021 – Construction of the lone star at the intersection of Chadbourne and Beauregard


2010 – The Man Store next to Fuentes Cafe Downtown (see previous photograph)


2011 – Looking north on Chadbourne, you can see The Man Store and Fuentes.
24 June 2018 – Stango’s Coffee Shop on Chadbourne Street

24 June 2018 – When you walk into the place you see this view.  The next photograph was talked standing by the FEDERAL TIRES sign by the staircase looking towards the street.24 June 2018 – Stango’s on Chadbourne Street
2009 – Looking NW at the corner of Chadbourne and Twohig, used to be Nathan’s Jewelers; now an antique store.  The famous Texas Theater is off camera on the left about a block down the street.


Photographs provided by Mike Dejean24 April 2021 – Historic Downtown gateway at the intersection of W Concho Ave and S Randolph St
2012 – Location was King Music but is now Tarpley Music.  Looking west, you can see the Texas Theater at the end of the street (to your right).


Looking SE, Hotel Cactus is red roofed building in the far background.  Nathan’s Jewelers would be up the street on the corner on the left side of street.2009 Please check out the following link for more information:
Photograph provided by Unknown
Official USAF Photograph (Mr. Allen Johnson) 1953 – Sacred Heart Catholic Church It looks like possible construction on the Angelo Catholic school building (on far left).
2011 – The Cathedral Church of the Sacred Heart (Catholic Church) at corner of S Oakes St and E Beauregard Ave.
April 2013 – First United Methodist Church is located across the street from Sacred Heart Cathedral (above photo – off camera on the right; below photo – off camera right behind you).


2011 – This used to be the Employment Office on S Oakes St across the street from the Hotel Cactus.  It used to make me sad to drive by and see all the people just standing around outside.  It has been closed for some time.  New Shannon building can be seen in the left background.
Photographs provided by Google Map data
8 January 2015 – First Christian Church next to Shannon Hospital.  Shannon would be behind your left shoulder (off camera).  The brown building on the right is the back of the Roosevelt Hotel.  Edison Jr High/now Central Freshman Campus is to your right off camera.


The Edison Jr High School campus was changed to Central High School’s Freshman Campus.  The First Christian Church is off camera to the right (across the street from Shannon) then, on the right side of the street.


Top photograph was taken in 2011.   In the background is the Police Station.  Bottom photograph was taken in 2018.  I have no clue why they redid the front and added that design.



2011 – The Diner at Sealy Flats and The Blues Inn
2011 – The Diner at Sealy Flats and The Blues Inn
8 October 2018 – This location is now Knosh Restaurant.  Opened in February 2018.
2018 – Has a very nice outside area in the back for dining.



2009 – Santa Fe Railroad Depot Please check out the following website:
2011 – Santa Fe Crossing – Senior Center In this photograph, (located at the end of the street) you can see a house. In the next photograph, you can see this same house. A street was created of various historical homes that were moved here to preserve them.


Yellow oval Parking lot where the Farmers Market is held.

Red oval Santa Fe Crossing

Blue oval – Santa Fe Railroad Depot

Los Panchitos del Paseo (old Enriquez’s) can be seen to the right of the red oval.

2009 – Los Panchitos del Paseo used to be Enriquez’s


2011 – This use to be a restaurant with tables available in the train car. This started as Shipman’s Drive-In and then in October 1982 it became the Santa Fe Grill. Thank you to Cathye Moon and Elias Greer for the information (found on facebook’s San Angelo — 50s and 60s Style)


2011 – El Paisano (use to be Las Dos Hermanas then Chilangos)
2010 – Abbott’s Supermarket on Chadbourne closed in October 2011.
2008 – The Original Fuentes Cafe and Abbott’s Supermarket is across the street. 2009 – The Original Fuentes Cafe was remodeled and became the Blue Agave Restaurant and Bar; entrance in back. Abbott’s Supermarket was located at right of top photograph.
2010 – The Original Fuentes Cafe was remodeled and became the Blue Agave Restaurant and Bar; entrance here in back.  It is now closed. 2013 – Koru Juice & Cafe and Jubilee Fitness opened in late Feb/early March.  Great reviews.
2014 – (Back entrance) The Original Mendez Cafe is now located here. Super Mercado is located at left of photograph.


July 2013 – Not sure when the Super Mercado opened; newspaper said renovations were supposed to be completed by April.



2012 – D-Ray’s used to be a Dairy Queen (located on Chadbourne).  Off camera on the right, there is a building with greenish/gray vertical stripes that was a pharmacy (see below).  Then, I believe D-Ray’s moved to N Chadbourne and is now closed.
Photograph provided by Google Map dataGoogle Map image captured:  Dec 2012
16 January 2019 – I see that D-Ray’s changed to El Mexican Grill
2010 – Highland Grocery To the left of Highland Grocery is that brick building that use to be a pharmacy (I think); then, D-Ray’s.  You keep driving south and you will come to St Mary Catholic Church on the right.


Taken in 2011 – Use to be Wilson Hardware


2011 – The Roxy is located next to Ray Martin’s and close to St Mary’s Catholic Church.
November 2013 – It looks like the Roxy is going to become The Concho Pearl Icehouse.
2014 – Looking through the front door of the new Pearl Icehouse (old Roxy).
2014 Left photograph – was taken from the back of restaurant looking at the front door. Right photograph – was taken from the front door looking into the bar area.


2012 – South Angelo Plaza at the corner of S Chadbourne and E Avenue L.  Old Roxy was located across the street (off camera on your right).
2011 – Looking north, this unique older building is down the block from St. Mary’s Catholic Church (off camera behind you).  The Roxy is the curved greenish building to the right of Ray Martin building. Note:  You can see the Hotel Cactus at end of road (to right).
2011 – Looking south, this unique older building is down the block from St. Mary’s Catholic Church.  The Roxy is next door on the right (off camera).
2009 – Coachman Club use to be O’Bryan’s Five Point Sports, located at 1810 S Chadbourne St St Mary’s Catholic Church would be right behind you.November 2018 – Drove by and decided I needed to take a photograph.  No clue when this changed to Lonestar Truck Group.  If I think about it, I will go back and get a better photograph someday.  Tacos Locos Mexican food is across the street (off camera left)


December‎ ‎11‎, ‎2016 – Tacos Locos    St Mary’s Catholic Church is behind you on the right.


2011 – St Mary’s is located across the street from Coachman Club (previous photograph). Top photograph is looking south. Bottom photograph is looking east (new addition).


2013 – This use to be a place to eat, but I don’t recall the name.  Do you know what is eatery use to be on W Avenue N?


2014 – Standing on the corner of Ben Ficklin Road and W Ave N, you may recognize a few businesses. Angelo Driving Academy (next photo), and a few buildings that are changed ownership over the years.
2014 – Standing on the corner of Ben Ficklin Road and W Ave N, you may recognize a few businesses – Bubba’s Smokehouse, Asian Market
2015 – Asian Market as changed to the Ban Moon Lao and Thai restaurant.
December 2016 – The old Army Surplus Store is now home to the Angry Cactus West Texas Bar & Grill.
2013 – Spanish Courts is located across the street from Econolodge and Johnson’s Funeral Home on W. Beauregard.
December 2016 – Wonder if they plan on destroying this lot – curious what might be built here.


14 January 2019 – Noticed that they white washed the outside and added the Austin Eatery sign.  Inside they did a minor change to the seating putting them into booths.


14 January 2019 (I think) – This is the St. Angelus located on north Van Buren.  Very close to old Skaggs Albertson’s, (off camera on the right) which is now a Walmart Neighborhood Market  I wish I had a photograph of the two brick buildings that used to be here.  According to the St Angelus website:  “The St. Angelus was opened in 1997 after the extensive remodeling of two 1930’s era apartment buildings to form one exquisite senior living site in San Angelo.”


June 2015 – E & E Tavern, once operated by Country Music Star Ernest Tubb & his wife Elaine.  It was also called the Cherokee Bar for many yrs after Ernest moved to Ft Worth before going to Nashville.  To read more, please go to REMEMBRANCES from the Home Page and check out historical background information from Mr. Randal Walls. 2012 – insert photograph from Google Map screen capture.
2011 – New Birth Full Gospel Assembly is located next to the old Lincoln Jr. High School (white building in center).
2011 – The old Lincoln Jr High School in north San Angelo.  Has been closed for a number of years.  New Lincoln Jr High School was built a few blocks further north of city.


2011 – Plaque on old Lincoln Jr High School building.
Below are before and after photographs of the old Lincoln Jr High on Bowie Street.
Looking west, this area shows what use to be the cafeteria and boys and girls gyms and tennis courts.
Top photograph was taken on 20 Nov 2013.  The rubble from building being destroyed (bottom photograph) was taken on 2 Mar 2014 (I think).
August 2015 – I noticed that this monument was on the property.  It contains the TORNADO RECONSTRUCTION 1953 plaque, two marble markers with names of Board of Trustees, and parts from the old Lincoln building.


April 2012 – Here is the new Lincoln Jr High.  It was dedicated in 2000.


1973 – Photograph was inside the front cover of the 1973 Chieftain yearbook.
September 1998 – I took the following photographs from various angles and locations to show some of the damage from the fire.
2012 – Lake View High School campus.  LVHS was almost completely destroyed by fire in 1998.  The blue buildings to the left are the original smaller gym and the weight room. The small white building on the far right (near light pole) still houses the Jr ROTC and the blue Vocational building (not shown) are still in use.


July 2014 – New construction completed at Lake View High School campus.


2014 – KLST and KSAN are co-located here on Armstrong Street heading north out of town to Robert Lee.


2012 – Located on State Highway 208 (Armstrong Street) heading north out of town towards Robert Lee, one sign says Mini Mall.  Other have Antiques, Trade Dossey, and Junque.


December 2012 – Driving by this “Mall” over the years, there was a metal sign that said:  “JESUS SAVES BWISE”.  I thought it was gone, but I “discovered” it the other day – the tree branches and bushes just covered it up.


2013 –  The second La Esperanza is located on 19th Street.


May 2012 – Central High School facing Pecos Street


November 2018 – Spillway by Central High School  Check out the painting inside Senor Changs (below) to see artist’s view of the street (off camera on the left)


Photograph provided by Google Map data2019 – Google Map look at the spillway by Central High School


May 2012 – Central High School facing frontage road and Houston Harte Expressway/US Route 67
July 2013 – CHS by Houston Harte Expressway Please check out the following link to take a drive on the Houston Harte Expressway:


July 2013 – Central AFJROTC building The rest of the campus is off camera on your right (see above photograph).


Looking looking NW while driving on the frontage road (Dallas), you can look to your right and see Stephen F. Austin Elementary.
4 August 2019 – Stephen F. Austin Elementary below


Photograph provided by Google Map dataIn the center of the image is where Austin Elementary is located compared to where Senor Changs restaurant is found.  (I see that Dallas St is on the green street sign in the previous photograph, but here it has it labeled as Shiloh St and then changes to Dallas St a block further up the road.)


2 March 2019 – Lew and I had to go check out Senor Changs.
Checking out the details on the first painting, it appears the food truck is near the spillway and the road that winds besides Central High School’s campus.  Check out photograph above with caption:  November 2018 – Spillway by Central High School



2009 – Facing NNW; Edgewater Inn was destroyed many years ago.
Photograph provided by Google Map data1 – Large vacant lot where the three? Edgewater Inn buildings stood;  2 – Was FL’s Garden; Pearl of the Orient; then China Star, now Napoli’s;  3 – Bill Aylor Sr. Memorial RiverStage;  4 – Love Municipal Pool
2009 – Vacant now; use to be FL’s Garden; Pearl of the Orient; then China Star. While facing north, you see restaurant is now vacant (over 8 years?) and right next door used to be the Edgewater Inn motel (see star above second tree). The motel was destroyed by fire and vandals (see previous photo of just the vacant lot).
9 October 2018 – Lew and I went to the new Napoli’s Italian Restaurant.  Excellent food and service  It reminded us of another place – Cafe Italia.
2018 – Entrance into Napoli’s
2018 – The large front area of Napoli’s
2018 – The large back section of Napoli’s

UPDATE:  Since 18 March 2020, Napoli’s was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Unfortunately, Napoli’s was permanently closed on 7 May 2020; with plans to keep Lily’s Pizza open.

UPDATE:  As of 5 June 2020, I heard that Napoli’s Italian Restaurant will be moving into Zentner’s Daughter.

2011 – Looking north on Chadbourne, use to be a movie theater??  In next photograph you see what buildings are across the street.2011 – Top Photograph – Facing north, heading into downtown on Chadbourne.  Bottom Photograph – Same group of buildings – just facing different direction.


2012 – Mendez Cafe now. Does anyone remember what else was here besides Little Gil’s?


2013 – Heading west on Chadbourne Street from the South Gate, you come to Christoval Road and the Trailer Park at the corner.  There use to be a swiming pool but it has been filled in and a home placed over it.
Photograph provided by Google Map data2019 Aerial showing the curve in the road when leaving the base and traveling into town.  The trailer housing (yellow circle) would be on your right at the corner of Chadbourne Street and Christoval Road and Mendez Cafe would be on your left.  Not shown is a new fire station (red circle) at corner of Chadbourne Street and Edgewood Drive.
2009 – Use to be Po Folks Restaurant; Cotton Patch; was Zookini’s Soups, Salads and Grill. Looking at photo, the Sunset Mall (not in photo) is to your left across the street and old Bamboo Garden (not in photo – and is now closed) was to the right.
2013 – Now this building is Rio Concho Catering.
2018 – Now, same building from a different angel but it is Cielo Mexican Restaurant


2018 – Speaking of Cotton Patch; a new Cotton Patch was built on Sherwood Way, across the street from Rosa’s Cafe.


2012 – Rosa’ s Cafe is on corner of Buick St and Sherwood Way.  A skating rink is off camera on the left.
2019 – Inside view of Rosa’s Cafe on Sherwood Way.

2012 – The (skating) Rink is located on Buick St.  Rosa’s Cafe is behind you (off camera) to the left, on corner of Buick St and Sherwood Way.
Photograph provided by Google Map dataLooking left, way, way up the street, you would get to old HEB on the right.  Looking right (off camera) you will see lots of eateries, two are mentioned below.
2012 – Outback Steakhouse is on Sherwood Way almost across the street from Lin’s Grande Buffet and Logan’s Steak House.  It is now 2019, both Lin’s and Logan’s have closed.  In 2018, Lin’s Grande became Grand China Buffet (I think) and Logan’s is getting remodeled to become a Hooter’s.


2019 – Outside of Outback has been updated.



26 April 2019 – Hooters
Photograph provided by Mike Dejean11 April 2021 – Different angle of Hooters
Photographs of the new Hooters (old Logan’s Roadhouse).26 April 2019 – View when you first walk into the new Hooters.  The bar area is still up the ramp (left photo).  The side room’s doorway is placed between the four TVs (right photo).  This area is shown below.


Another view of the restaurant looking at the side room in the background.The other party room (with the fireplace) is still located behind you.  Entrance is shown in next photograph.  The bar area is still located to the right (off camera).


The bar is still located to the left (off camera).  The party room entrance (brown, glass door) is located past the restrooms shown in the far left photo.  The next photograph below is taken by moving about ten steps to the right.
The mural of the race car is off camera on the wall on the left.  The side room noted above is off camera on the right.
The bar area is still in the same location.  The entrance to the party room with the fireplace is off camera behind you to the left.
2010 – Graham Central Station had numerous different types of dance floors for almost everyone’s taste.   When GCS changed to Rockin Rodeo, (they painted the back wall solid white to cover the large license plate). As of 2013 (January), Rockin Roedo has been leveled and (I believe) a new hotel chain will be building on the site.
2012 – Located on Southwest Blvd, Rockin Rodeo use to be Graham Central Station.
I was very impressed with the artwork.  I decided to keep photographs grouped together here instead of placing artwork under Points of Interest tab.
I was very impressed with the artwork. Sign over the swing door says:  “SPEAK YOUR MIND BUT RIDE A FAST HORSE!”


I heard that the Rockin Rodeo was demolished because another hotel was going to be built on this site.
April 2015 – Looking SW (towards Sherwood Way), the newly, still being constructed new hotels on Southwest Blvd’s hotel row.  This use to be the location of Graham Central Station/Rockin Rodeo.


March 2010 – Looking east, Sunset Mall as seen by driving by on Loop 306.  Chili’s would be off camera on your right and the new (now closed) K-Mart building is behind you. The previous photographs of Zoo-kini’s/Rio Concho Catering, Lack’s/Big Lots, Bamboo Garden/Old Town Buffet, Cafe Italia/Magic Day Spa, and Red Lobster are all behind the mall off of Sunset Drive.


2 August 2019 – Sears was replaced with Conn’s HomePlus


November 2009 – Sunset Mall and Chili’s  Luby’s/Green’s Grocery and Cafe are off camera  on the right.
Luby’s closed when the new one was built off of Houston Harte Expressway.  As of Jan 2014, this old location still looks gutted and awaiting major construction as Green’s Grocery and Cafe.
April 2015 – Green’s Grocery and Cafe finally opened in November of 2014. UPDATE – Green’s Grocery closed and 4240 MEATS & Sweets went in 2016.  It closed too.  See next photograph.
2019 – San Angelo VA Clinic


2014 – Looking west across Loop 306, K-Mart has been closed for a couple of years now.  Sunset Mall is behind you (off camera). Rumor has it that another motel will be built on this site. UPDATE – As of this writing (28 Jan 2018) this is still a vacant lot.


April 2012 – top photograph is before repainting                                   November 2012 – bottom photograph is after repainting.
2012 – Red Lobster recently had interior and exterior construction done.  Inside is very nicely redone. Sunset Mall is still located on your left (off camera).


2009 – Use to be Po Folks Restaurant; Cotton Patch; was Zookini’s Soups, Salads and Grill. Looking at photo, the Sunset Mall (not in photo) is to your left across the street and old Bamboo Garden (not in photo – and is now closed) was to the right.
Bamboo Garden Chinese AND Mexican Restaurant – CLOSED in late 2009.  Now there is the Old Town Buffet at this location. UPDATE:  As of Jan 2013, Old Town Buffet is closed too.



2012 – Looking southeast on Sunset Drive, Sunset Mall is behind you.
2010 – Cafe Italia CLOSED – across from Red Lobster (by Sunset Mall); use to be Rosa’s/China House (anything else)?
2013 – Magic Hair Salon and Day Spa now.  Really liked Cafe Italia.
2013 – The Shannon Clinic use to be a Fuddruckers.  The Livingston Hearing Aids in the opposite building use to be a yogurt shop – (I don’t remember which one; do you know)?  Sunset Mall is off camera on your left.


2013 – Big Lots moved from across the street from China Garden (by the loop see next photograph) to across the street from Sunset Mall (which mall is off camera behind you).
2009 – China Garden on College Hills and Loop 306  Big Lots is off camera behind you.   Located behind China Garden is the Wildewood First Community Federal Credit Union.  And, if you go west, under the underpass, you will see IHOP on your left and Sierra Vista United Methodist Church.
2012 – Wildewood First Community Federal Credit Union is still located next to Loop 306 and behind China Garden.May 2012 – Sierra Vista United Methodist Church is located on College Hills close to IHOP (off camera on left).


June 2013 – This location is across the street from China Garden.  This use to be Safeway, and Big Lots (can’t think of anything else – can you?). March 2014 – Another Goodwill store   IHOP is off camera to your right at the other side of the underpass of Loop 306.
May 2012 – Facing south, Loop 306 is on the left.  To get your bearings – China Garden would be on the other side of the over pass (off camera on the left).  Sierra Vista United Methodist Church is off camera on your right.  Texas Roadhouse would be  behind you on the right.


2012 –  Loop 306 is off camera on the left, Texas Roadhouse is on the frontage road.  At the light (in the background) would be College Hills Blvd.  IHOP is at that intersection on the right.


2012 – Driving north on Loop 306, you can see (on the left) Southland Baptist Church.  Located on same side of the frontage rood as Texas Roadhouse.


2018 – An inside/outside patio area is added to the far right of the restaurant.
In the background (of photograph on the right) is the new indoor/outdoor patio area.
The portion of the back wall painted red with LANDSHARK Lager under the EXIT sign is the entrance to restaurant.  The new outdoor/indoor patio is on the left.  See next photograph from different angle.
The entrance to the restaurant is behind you to the left.  The inside of the new Fuzzy Taco is certainly different from the way Applebee’s use to look.


2012 – This overpass (Paint Rock Road) was completed a year or so ago.  The base’s North Gate and the new Base Housing would be off camera a mile or so on the right.
November 2012 – Driving on the turn around lane under the overpass of Loop 360 and Sherwood Way.

2014 – Loop 306 underpass (with Sherwood Way) has two cement murals.  Lowe’s, Walmart, and SAM’s are located on the left side of Sherwood Way (off camera).


2011 – Far western side of San Angelo near O.C. Fisher Lake.  If you recall, 29th Street turns into Edmond Blvd when you are driving west and cross the Concho River.  Then, Edmond Blvd turns into Glenna Drive when you pass Howard Street.  Off camera on the right use to be a Skating Rink then changed to Custard’s (Nightclub).
2012 – Now a vacant building on Glenna Drive, use to be a skating rink and then it was Custard’s (Nightclub).   Soccer fields are off camera on the right.  In answer to my question – Does anyone remember the name of the skating rink?  Skateland was the name provided to me by David Wilson from the Facebook site – “You know you’re from San Angelo if……”.  Thank you  David.


April 2012 – Located on Edmund Blvd, (Howard Street would be off camera on your left) is the Church of Pentecost.  The elevated ground to the left (behind the church) is the O C Fisher Dam.
Photograph provided by Google Map data
May 2012 – Kirby Park has a concrete skate park (shown) and an in-line hockey rink (next photograph).
2012 – Looking north, across the road (which is Edmund Blvd now; other side of the Concho River [off camera right] road changes name to W 29th St heading to N Bryant Blvd.  First Assembly of God is seen in background.
May 2012 – Edmund Blvd Baptist Church and First Assembly of God are located right next to Kirby Park.
Photographs provided by Google Map data


2011 – Outdoor movie theater entrance use to be located on right side of 29th Street (up the street on the right is location of previous photograph).


2012 – Looking west you can see the entrance to the Riverside Hills Golf Course (accessible from N Bryant Blvd and Riverside Golf Cub Road.


2011 – Pepe’s Diner is located on right-hand side of Highway US 87 when heading north out of town at 3618 W FM 2105.


2012 – Location of Motel Texan was between Grape Creek Road (shown) and Lake Drive (off camera on left).  Only thing left is the road sign.  The yellow oval is location of the sign.


2011 – City Lumber is located on 14th Street.


2011 – This is located by the Concho River east of the base on Loop 306.  Many, many years ago, the old dorm buildings were moved to various locations around town.  If you continued traveling north on this divided highway (Loop 306) you can get off on Paint Rock Road (going west) and get to the North Gate.  Before you reached the base, you will pass Off Base housing on the right.  Next photograph shows the entrance.


2011 – New off base housing located about 1.5 miles outside North Gate (off camera to the left) on Paint Rock Road (Highway 388 – going east).



May 2012 – One of the old barracks that was moved to the north side of San Angelo.
2012 – Six Raceway and Sports Park was formally San Angelo Speedway (located on 2105 FM Rd north of San Angelo) 2014 – I see it is now Santa Rosa Sports Arena.


Courtesy San Angelo Standard Times1983 – Surf City Does anyone remember this?
2012 – Looking southwest towards downtown, you can see one of the highway signs on Houston Harte Expressway (Loop 306).  Houston Harte Expressway has been completed for a couple of years now.  Here you are looking towards downtown at the Hotel Cactus. Please check out:


2011 – Lowake Steak House
Photograph provided by Cathye Moon and West Texas Historical AssociationDate Unknown of Lowake Inn


Photograph provided by Cathye Moon 2013 – There is a blue building between Avenue S and Avenue T…and between Hill Street and Randolph that supposedly was a convent at one time and a boys’ club in later years.
Photographs provided by David Tillery 17 January 1986 Sunlight on the phase array system of radar – one side only. Angelo State had a large collection of base photographs on file.  So, in Jan 2014, I acquired quite a few of the base and San Angelo areas.
Photographs provided by David Tillery 17 January 1986 Wall inside view of large face of radar system Angelo State had a large collection of base photographs on file.  So, in Jan 2014, I acquired quite a few of the base and San Angelo areas.