Photos “found” at ASU

I was told about photographs being stored at the ASU West Texas Collection on the second floor of the Houston Harte University Center.  So, I had to check them out. 
Unless noted, all photographs below are Official  USAF Photographs.
Based on the Bicentennial emblem on the plane, I am guessing this photograph was taken in 1976 when the plane was on display by the south gate.
No date noted on back of plaque by the flagpole.  Perhaps mid 80’s  If you recognize yourself in the photo, please go to Contact Us and let me know what year these were taken.
Back of photograph states:  May 15 81 Armed Forces Week Retreat (Flag lowering) Ceremony at the Goodfellow Air Force Base Wing headquarters, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine units was present for the special ceremony at 5PM with Col Charles Powell Officiating.  Folding the flag after it was lowered left to right is Master Sargent Gordon Cornell, Staff Sargent Sharon Jones, and holding with back to camera is Tech Sargent Lowell Cornelus, they are the members of the special Honor Guard that lowered the Flag./Photo by David Tillery


Back of photograph states:  5/22/87  Lieutenant Commander Kraemer, in background at podium, delivers his tribute to those U.S. Navy personnel who were killed and wounded in the attack on the SS Stark, during a memorial service held at the Goodfellow Chapel Friday afternoon./Photo by David Branch
Back of photograph states:  8/91  Gate and pillars in background were at C.B. Metcalfe’s residence./Phone by Rick Choate
Back of photograph states:  11-10-93 Showing the way at South Bryant Blvd. and Ave L, a Goodfellow Air Force Base sign has been modified in honor of the United States Marine Corp celebrating its 218th birthday./Photo by Cade White


Back of photograph states:  1/13/94  Construction continues on the new fire training center at Goodfellow Air Force Base.  The C-130 cargo aircraft in front has been gutted and will be used for training missions./Photo by Mike Howell