Ewes Around Town


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Except when noted, all the following photographs were taken by Terry Casey.
2011 – This latest sheep (Lt. Col. “EWE” little) is located at the Jacobson Gate (South Gate).  This sheep was painted by Sharon Graham Smith.  Please check out the upcoming newspaper article.

Received permission to post this article by Stacy Huisman and San Angelo Family Magazine. This article “Spouse Power” was on page 8 of the March 2012 issue of San Angelo Family Magazine.

2013 – Photographs provided by Sharon Graham Smith.  This sheep was also painted by Sharon Smith.  I “found” this sheep in 2013 by tracking it to Sharon’s Facebook page.  This sheep is located on Goodfellow inside one of the schoolhouse SCIFs’ breakroom.  Looks like this sheep (bottom photo left side) is out of regs!

19 July 2019 – Today, I discovered another sheep on Goodfellow in front of the 316 TRS.  I wonder if they took the previous sheep and repainted it. 
“Merino” Antoinette is located on E. Concho Avenue next to Miss Hattie’s Restaurant.

Jabberwocky’s Restaurant use to be located in the smaller blue building between Eggermeyer’s General Store and Cooper Interiors Furniture.
2011 – Serving “Ewe” since 1884 is located outside Standard Times on W. Harris.

2011 – “Clover” found downtown; located by Shannon West Texas Memorial Hospital on E. Harris Ave.
29 May 2017 – “Discovered” another no name sheep, this one at the Regional Cancer Treatment Center close to Shannon Hospital.
2013 – Another sheep was done by Sharon Graham Smith, the very talented artist that did the sheep at the South Gate of the base and the one inside Deja Vu.  This sheep is located outside Fuentes Cafe Downtown.  Its name is Mari – ewe – chi.
A sombrero over the left shoulder.
A guitar is over right shoulder.
In the 1980’s, we went to the Public Library (next to the City Auditorium on W College Avenue).  Then, this building was Public Health.  Then, in 2012, they did extensive reconstruction and I went back to take photographs of the B “Ewe” tiful San Angelo sheep without the protective grating around it.

2013 – “Discovered” this sheep (In Memory of “Ewe”) while walking around the courthouse checking out the Chalk Art Festival.  Sheep is located behind the Wells Fargo building (corner of S Irving St and W Harris Ave). 
A sheep named Common Cents (seen later) is located in front of Wells Fargo.
5 September 2011 – Lucky Ewe is located on S Chadbourne.

5 June 2011 – Miss Cash is located on W. Concho Avenue by Sands Finance Corp.

21 May 2018 – “Found” a new sheep named We Serve “Ewe” was found outside building.
May 2016 – Sheep named Anita Title located on 136 West Twohig Ave.
3 October 2019 – Drove by the new Pop Art Museum that is scheduled to open on October 29th, 2019.  Please check out all the designs at the San Angelo section in the Points of Interest drop-down menu.
26 July 2011 – Happy Trails to EWE is located on W. Concho Avenue.
July 2016 – “Found” a new ram.  Actually, I am thinking that they took the ram and redesigned it.  See Gold Rush below.
Gold Rush was located on S. Jackson Street by entrance to West Texas Rehab Center.
December 2014 – I “found” Flossie yesterday.  It is located on W. Beauregard at Dr. Stromboe’s (dentist) office.
2010 – Uncovering the Art in EWE was located by the San Angelo Independent School District building.  But, has since been changed to The Hero In “EWE” (see next new sheep). I have a brochure that says that Uncovering the Art in EWE should be at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts but I couldn’t find it there. UPDATE:  In December 2016, I located this sheep in front of a private home on S. David Street.  See below after The Hero In “EWE”.
2011 – The Hero In “EWE” is now located by the San Angelo Independent School District building.  (I noticed that a few weeks ago it was a different sheep [Uncovering the Art in EWE] see previous shown sheep at this location.)
On 2 December 2016, I was driving down S David Street and “found” this sheep.  It was suppose to be at the Museum of Fine Arts.
18 May 2017 – New sheep in town at the first HEB location.
September 2013 – Sheep named EWE S A was inside Downtown San Angelo, Inc.

Baa Baa Black Sheep is located on W. Beauregard by Tom Green County Court-house.
25 November 2012 – I happened to be driving by and saw this new sheep on display.  (It is by the same building that housed the “naked” sheep above.)  Her name is Shear Ingen “Ewe” ity.
To check out our wonderful city of San Angelo, please click on: http://www.downtownsanangelo.com/index.html Then, to see more sheep, please click on: the SHEEP Spectacular under EVENTS or go to: http://www.downtownsanangelo.com/sheepspectacular.html
2011 – YMCA at corner of W Concho Ave and S. Koenigheim Street (Bryant Blvd [US87]) Concho Ave is at right of photograph.  Bryant Blvd (heading north) is in background beside the YMCA.  Note that in the middle black oval there are two sheep (underlined).  The two silver cars sort of make it very hard to see it.
2011 – One of four sheep (A Healthy “ewe”) located by YMCA; this one by front entrance of YMCA.
2011 – Second of four sheep (Ewe’ve Got Mail) located by YMCA; this one close to front entrance of YMCA by parking lot.
2011 – Third of four sheep (named Lamb-Scape) located by YMCA; this one is closer to building of YMCA and shows Twin Buttes by day on one side and by night on other side.
14 August 2018 – I stopped to get better photos and noticed that this sheep has been defaced like so many in town.  A year or so ago, there were person(s) that affixed pink Cancer ribbons on various sheep.  When it was time to remove the ribbons, it damaged the sheep.  The one outside Goodfellow was defaced also.  But, it looks like someone tried to paint over where the ribbon had ruined the design. 2011 – Fourth of four sheep (A S “Ewe”) located by YMCA; this one is closer to S. Koenigheim Street (Bryant Blvd [US87]).2012 – (Photograph above) The YMCA building was extended almost to the street.  So, the two previous photographs of the same A S “Ewe” sheep was removed.
2018 – First Financial Bank on corner of S Koenigheim St (Bryant Blvd) and W Concho Ave.
Wool “Ewe” Remember is located on W. Twohig.
Hands Across America Located on S. Bryant.
August 2013 – Looking north on Bryant Blvd (on S. Abe), Engin “EWE” sheep is located across the street from the Sunken Garden (off camera on your left).
You can see part of the artwork in the park across the highway.
May 2016 – The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd can be seen on S. Abe.  Sheep on the left is from SKG.

26 February 2019 – Driving towards Grape Creek on N Bryant/Hwy 87, there is a sheep located at the Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center of San Angelo.

June 2016 – Henry’s and their new sheep.
March 2011 – Can you find the tourist sheep?   If not, check out the photograph on the right. However, I went back in December 2012 and this sheep has been removed.  I will have to try and track it down to get its new location. August 2013 – UPDATE:  I discovered that the orginal Welcoming Ewe (tourist) got repainted and is now the newer sheep at this same location (please see later photographs below).  How sad!
Welcoming “Ewe” is dressed as a tourist.  Located on the shore of Concho River by the Visitor Center.
July 2013 – I “discovered” yesterday that there was a newer sheep replaced the Welcoming “Ewe” tourist sheep by the Visitor Center.
It looks like someone spilled a redish colored drink on the sheep.  Until we get some rain, that spill will stay there.
I placed the camera almost to the ground so I could let a different angle of the design.  This artist is very talented.
Someone correct me if I am wrong, but GAFB does not seem to be mentioned on this sheep.  (But, I guess, Fort Concho could represent all military.)
2011 – Coat of Many Colors is located on River Drive (across the river from the Visitor Center).
July 2013 – I noticed that the Coat of Many Colors sheep now has company.
12 September 2017 – I noticed that this poor Coat of Many Colors sheep has been out in the West Texas sun too long.
March 2017 – New KIDY sheep on left side of N Chadbourne, (looking north).  I don’t recall when KIDY moved to Chadbourne Ave.
2009 (I think) The last time I checked, the Fox 10 “Foxy” sheep was removed from the TV station on S Irving (below).
2014 – I had the bright idea to check out the SHEEP Spectacular at:  http://www.downtownsanangelo.com/sheepspectacular.html  and  print screen captured an image of what it looked like.
Custom Made B”ewe”ts is located at corner of Concho Avenue and Oakes Street.



Photograph provided by Google Map dataUntil I can get a photograph of the sheep without any cars, I will use this photograph to show where the sheep is standing.
Photographs provided by Mike Dejean
Photographs provided by Donna Marro2020 – Donna Marro told me about a new sheep making its appearance outside the Hotel Cactus on E Twohig Ave across the street from the Federal Building.
It was difficult to photograph the side of the sheep that was next to the building.
2012 – Another sheep (Deja “ewe”) was done by the very talented artist (Sharon Graham Smith).  She painted the sheep at the South Gate of the base and the sheep outside Fuentes Cafe Downtown.  This one is inside Deja Vu; one of San Angelo’s premiere resale boutique. Also, there is a huge stuffed giraffe inside Deja Vu.  You can see it at the end of these photos.Unfortunately, because of the glare, this sheep is hard to see through the glass.
The store was so full of stuff, I wasn’t able to get up any closer to take photographs inside.   Notice the title of the book in the back pocket of her jeans? I decided to go to Sharon Graham Smith’s Facebook page and asked permission to post photographs that she had taken before sheep was placed in store.  Please see below.Above eleven (11) photographs were provided by Sharon Graham Smith.
June 2014 – This huge stuffed giraffe is inside Deja Vu.
2016 – “Common Cents” is located on W. Beauregard in front of Wells Fargo Bank (across the street from new public library location).  Previously shown was the sheep named in Memory of “Ewe” located behind this bank.  
The front half of the sheep has the pennies face up.  The bottom half of the sheep has the pennies face down.
March 2016 – New sheep (named Paige Turner) is located outside the Tom Green County Library.  Notice it is across the street from the sheep covered in pennies. The sheep is supposed to be wearing black eyeglasses, but it looks like they were broken off. 2016 – I drove by a few days later and sheep had glasses back on.  So, I retook a few photographs.
2011 – I believe this sheep is called Dignity.  It is located on W. Beauregard at Johnson’s Funeral Home.2012 – When driving by, I noticed that the sheep was moved from the front of Johnson’s Funeral Home to the little patch of grass next to the parking lot. Also, during the winter of 2012, a group of ladies went around town and put scarfs on most of the sheep.
2011 – When “Ewe” R Hungry is located at Sonic on W. Beauregard (next to Sante Fe Golf Course).
April 7, 2012 – West Texas Survivor located on W Beauregard.
August 2016 – “Found” another sheep this time at Republic Services.
April 2013 – I was surprised to find Baaaaptist Sheep at one of the entrances of Baptist Memorial.
22 May 2017 – I was driving by and noticed that the sheep was moved outside.
2012 – Jesus Loves “EWE” is located on YMCA Drive at Trinity Lutheran Church by Loop 306.

August 2016 – The Albertson’s at the corner of Sunset Drive and College Hills has changed to Market Street.  They are wanting people to offer names for the sheep.
October 2016 – New sheep was “found” in front of the Rio Concho Manor.
March 2017 – “Found” a sheep inside West Central Wireless on Knickerbocker Road.

2011 – Baa Baa Bass Bunch is located at Jim Bass Ford at their new location off of Loop 306.
Ewe Sella is located on Pecos by San Angelo Real Estate Association.
Sheep Justice “Ewe”nice is located on W. Harris by Webb Stokes and Sparks.

June 2013 – I just happened to see Eyes on “EWE” sheep the other day.  I understand that this sheep was also painted by Sharon Graham Smith.  This sheep is located across the street from the sheep (above) by Webb, Stokes and Sparks and Schlotzsky’s.
2016 – Found this sheep, Winder McPane, at the “S” curve on N Chadbourne Street at Window Depot across the street by the Concho Valley Transit District building.

10 July 2019 – I was told about another sheep.  This one is at the Concho Valley Transit District – across the street at the “S” curve from the previous sheep.
The sheep in bottom photograph is named Lamb Chop Charlie and is located on Knickerbocker Road by Scott Allison Real Estate (looking east towards Bryant Blvd.)
Looking west, you can see the San Angelo Colts Baseball facility. San Angelo Colts are a professional baseball team, member of North American League.
8 July 2011 – This no named sheep is located on Knickerbocker Road at The Bank & Trust.
2011 – Ewe & Rotary Changing the World is located by Stadium Shopping Center on Knickerbocker Road.
May 2016 – CTWP Copiers Sheep at 1821 Industrial Ave.
August 2013 – Sheep located in front of Trans Texas can be seen from 306 Loop.  This sheep is called Lending EWE Money.
August 2011 – This sheep is called Wool Gatherings.  It was located on College Hills.  Look at later photograph and see where I saw it in June 2013 and March 2016.
June 2013 – I was told about a “new” sheep at Knobs and More located at the 5-way intersection behind H E B.  Turns out this sheep use to be on College Hills (previous photographs).  H E B is off camera on the left.
March 2016 – Knobs & More moved close to Hobby Lobby.  This sheep has moved to a couple of locations.
14 April 2015 – I “found” this unnamed sheep at River Crest Hospital on Hunters Glen Road.

14 April 2015 – I “found” Faith in “ewe” at Cornerstone Christian School on N. Jefferson.  The sheep is barely visible on behind the school’s brick sign (on the left by the car).

13 July 2011 – Ewe Sella is located on Pecos by San Angelo Real Estate Association.
16 July 2019 – i was given a listing of sheep around town and noticed I didn’t have “Pat” yet.  He is located inside the front entrance at Family Sports on W. Houston Harte Expwy.
14 April 2015 – I “found” this sheep (no name available) at the new Cavender’s Western Outfitters on Southwest Blvd by hotel row.
10 November 2015 – I noticed that the sheep has finally been relocated to outside the building.
14 April 2015 – I “found” Counting Sheep at SpringHill Suites on Southwest Blvd next to the new Cavender’s Western Outfitters on hotel row.
2011 – Looking east, a Lamb of God sheep on Sherwood Way; looking towards east and the old HEB etc.

2011 – Ram “BANK” ous located on Sherwood Way across from Sam’s Club.
21 October 2017 – New HEB located across the street (Sherwood Way) from Lowes’ and Super Walmart.
The Lady in Bl “ewe” is located on Sunset Drive by Shannon Clinic SW.
23 January 2018 – Lincoln Middle School
10 August 2018 – New sheep at Lake View High School


Following photographs provided by Mike Dejean

11 April 2021 – Central High School’s sheep. Name is unknown at this time.


Following photographs provided by Mike Dejean

26 April 2021 – Army Recruiting Station sheep.
It was painted by a 12 y/o girl and her mother (Anamarie & Sarah Elizabeth Perkins).
The Recruiter, Sergeant First Class Devin J. Hurd, said they decided to name it Mohair.  Moe Hair?!


4 January 2014 – Just “discovered” JR “ewe” ing yesterday on Armstrong Street across the street from KLST/KSAN studios.  UPDATE:  2018 – no longer displayed at this location.
Steel Wool Fab-EWE-Cator is located on 29th Street by Hirshfeld Steel.

27 August 2019 – Drove by and noticed a different sign behind the sheep.  Discovered that W&W|AFCO Steel bought out Hirschfeld Steel in February 2018.
Ed “EWE” Kate at the West Texas Training Center on N US Hwy 67 heading out of the city.

31 August 2015 – I “found” 4-H & “EWE” at the 4-H building (next to the San Angelo Animal Center).  The new “dog pound” moved many years ago from N Baze Street to out at 3142 US HWY 67 N.
20 March 2016 – “Found” Darling Dr S”ewe”ture.
10 May 2014 – I was driving by Angelo State on Avenue N and spotted this sheep.  No name was given.   UPDATE (2018) – Since this photograph was taken, there is an entire new wing to the dorm area in the background.Looking at Ave N.
7 September 2018 “Found” sheep at First Financial Bank next to Community Medical Center (Angelo Community Hospital)

10 July 2014 – “Discovered” this unnamed sheep outside West Texas Medical Center on Knickerbocker.
22 February 2017 – Noticed that the sheep had a knitted hat on.
Don’t EWE Mess with Texas sheep is located at the Texas Department of Transportation on Knickerbocker Road near Loop 306 heading to the airport.
2011 – I spotted this sheep inside window of Western Mattress which is closed.
8 September 2011 – I just happened to be driving by and spotted these sheep.
2012 – I recently discovered that this sheep is called Fewe-gitive and I looked yesterday and she was no longer in the building.  Can anyone tell me where this sheep was placed? UPDATE:  I discovered that this sheep was repainted over.
2011 – When I looked inside I could see that the two sheep were moved from window display at the closed Western Mattress (see previous photographs) and placed here. 2012 – The other day I peeked and saw that the Concho Pearl sheep was no longer in storage, can someone tell me where she has been placed?
March 2017 – I found this sheep (missing the headdress) on S Irving behind a fence.
Photograph provided by George Forrest 2008 – Mr. George Forrest took this photograph of Freedom for Me and Ewe in 2008.  It use to be located right off College Hills Blvd off Loop 306.
Photograph provided by George Forrest Date unknown – Miss Lana Lynn use to be located at Crockett National Bank 502 S. Koenigheim.  She might have been replaced by the horse (shown below).
2012 – I had to include the horse located by Crockett National Bank (CNB) and Concho River. Across the street (on your left – bottom photograph) is the San Angelo Visitor Center.

16 July 2019 – Was driving around and spotted this horse at McDill Elementary.
15 February 2020 – All Holiman sheep photographs provided by Donna Marro
2012 – Since I added the horse, I felt I had to get the pink ape that is located next door to Angelo Civic Theater on Sherwood Way.  If I recall, Shaffer Funeral Home use to be the Educators Credit Union (I think).
Photograph provided by Cathye MoonChristmas 2007 Sheep were “hanging out” on the balcony of the Fine Arts Museum before being deployed to the individual businesses.
Photograph provided by Cathye MoonThese are the sheep from the first year the program started way back around Christmas 2007.  All of the sheep were in a parade and there was a judging for the best one.
2016 – I looked through “A Guide to San Angelo’s Spectacular Sheep”.  It said that Wild ‘n Wooly, Spider-Ram, and Dr. S”ewe”ture are awaiting placement.  And that EWE-nique was sponsored by Golden Corral Restaurant but relocated out-of-town.  Dr. S”ewe”ture is sponsored by Ethicon.